10′ U-Tube Tension Fabric + Dye-Sublimation Graphics



U-Tube Tension Fabric systems are a new concept for graphical wall solutions. They are the lightest solutions available on the market today. They are different from the Tube systems by having the curve top to bottom as opposed to side to side. The U-Tube system also has Legs that attached to give system extra stability. Once disassembled they are portable enough to be checked in as a carry-on, all in one compact case. The system takes 5 minutes to set up, with the tube sections being clearly marked for easy connection.

Graphical panel is one piece eliminating any seams and makes it even easier to have multiple images for one system. The graphic panel is like a pouch sliding over the system and hiding it from view, this creates a perfect clean image. Optionally the panel can be double sided so that you either use one side a time or use both of them if need be. LED or Halogen Lights are available.