Roll Up Classic 48*82″ (RC 3) + Printed Banner



Coming in a variety of sizes these are the most universal stands for any and all event. The Roll Up Classic’s strong sides are its ease of use and portability. You easily take a couple as Carry-on. Once at the event just take it out pull it up and you’re good to go. When done the banner retracts into the base where it is protected and ready for transport.

The displays are reusable and you can change the graphics out easily and even do it yourself. The top uses a reliable clamping mechanism which not only keeps your banner safely attached but makes changing out the graphic a snap. With the smallest one being 32” and largest one 60” there is a stand that will suit your needs. Lights are also available for all Roll Up Classic models to bring extra attention to your message. Alll retractable stands come with a Durable Padded Traveling Bag for Extra Protection.